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Here Is The Plan

Regardless of its size, 1% of the military budget of every country each year is allocated towards the promotion of peace. It is already U. S. federal law that a small percentage of each federal building project is set aside for esthetic improvements. Why shouldn’t we take some of the money from our war budget to promote peace? In today's US military budget approaches $760 BILLION a year, roughly 2 Billion Dollars EVERY SINGLE DAY of taxpayers' money is spent on war or preparing for war. 1% of $2 Billion is 20 Million per day. 


This 20 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY be controlled by a private, non-political organization who has but one mission: to direct and control the spending of these funds to promote peace worldwide. Shouldn’t there be a Secretary of Peace in the President’s cabinet? Shouldn’t there be a Secretary of Peace in the U. N.?

Ideas for spending this money for this could include but not be limited to:

A. Massive advertising campaigns and propaganda blitzes worldwide to change the war mentality of the world from its present state. Surely the creative genius that brings us advertisements for beer, drugs, soft drinks, food, clothing, and automobiles could come up with something. Do you think sex might help sell peace?

B. Investigation and promotion of alternate projects for the military industrial complex. Those who profit from war can then profit from peace as well, without mass killing and devastating the environment.

Some ideas:

• Creating alternate jobs for the present armies of the world.

• Think of building a monorail or high-speed train around the world.

• Massive infrastructure improvements.

• Massive alternative energy projects.

• Cleaning up the environment.

• Removing plastic out of our rivers and oceans.

• Massive education about biochar agriculture and organic food growing.

• Space exploration and tourism.

• A fleet of disaster-relief aircraft carriers stationed in every corner of the seas supplied with food, water, mobile hospitals, portable power plants, portable water plants and more, and a squadron of support helicopters, all completely staffed. The crews could work two months on, one month off.

• A world leadership academy where potential future leaders from around the world study together to learn how to communicate and work together instead of distrusting one another.

• What other things can you think of to create for that much money? I am sure creative minds could come up with many, many more uses for this kind of money.


Our foreign policy should be changed such that any country wishing to continue trade with us, or wishing to continue receiving any kind of aid from us, must institute its own 1% program as soon as possible. The U.S. is an economic power in the world; we can use this economic power to encourage compliance. Time limits should be set and enforced. Countries not complying will be cut off from trade with the countries that enact this plan.


The 1 % would be increased by 1% each year. It would take but a few years until both the military and the peace budgets would be very small, by today’s standards.

How can we the people of planet earth coerce our leaders to consider such a plan?

Here is how:

I. Make twenty copies (more, if you wish) of this letter.

2. Send 10 copies to peace-minded individuals that you know.

3. Send 10 copies to various leaders of your country, state, province, borough, city, county, leaders of the U.N., NATO, famous authors who profess peace, parents, etc.

4. Add a short personal note to each letter in your own hand that you are serious about your feeling on this matter, and that you will not continue to support any leader or politicians who do not make serious efforts to work for world peace immediately.

Suggested note: “I will not vote for you or your party if you do not endorse this idea. PERIOD. Serious progress must have been made on this by the time you are next up for election.” Maybe even give him/her a time limit.


Do this for your children, your grandchildren,

all the children of the world, all the children of the future.

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