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Since time immemorial governments have taxed the people to support the war. 

I suggest that it is time for the people to turn the tables and demand a workable plan for peace on planet earth in our time. ENOUGH! 

We the people must take control away from the governments of the world and create peace. 

There are many ...

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My Plan

Here Is The Plan
Regardless of its size, 1% of the military budget of every country each year is allocated towards the promotion of peace. It is already U. S. federal law that a small percentage of each federal building project is set aside for esthetic …
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This 20 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY be controlled by a private, non-political organization who has but one mission: to direct and control the spending of these funds to promote peace worldwide. Shouldn’t there be a Secretary of Peace in the President’s …
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Our foreign policy should be changed such that any country wishing to continue trade with us, or wishing to continue receiving any kind of aid from us, must institute its own 1% program as soon as possible. The U.S. is an economic power in the …
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The 1 % would be increased by 1% each year. It would take but a few years until both the military and the peace budgets would be very small, by today’s standards. How can we the people of planet earth coerce our leaders to consider such a plan?
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it's about time someone came up with an actual mechanism to create world peace! Millenia too late, tho.

Jul 13, 2023
captwilco c

How Would You Spend 22 Million Dollars Today to Create Peace?

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